City Girls - JT First Day Out (Official Audio)

  • Published: 09 October 2019
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    worldofniya _  9 hours back


    • jacobtheestalion
      jacobtheestalion  18 hours back

      Drop more songs

      • Rodriguez Collins
        Rodriguez Collins  1 days back

        Bitches get exposed everyday😂

        • Ron Chapman
          Ron Chapman  2 days back

          Go hard lifestyles....San Fran approved

          • Keshia Albertus
            Keshia Albertus  2 days back


            • Shavonne Bee
              Shavonne Bee  3 days back

              I’m from dade imma do it anyway period

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                • cheryl kay
                  cheryl kay  4 days back

                  Yall Dont want no smoke...Jt got that🔥 🔥 🔥

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                      pinacolada goulou  4 days back

                      ❤ love you JT from mauritian girl

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                        Laprea Frazier  4 days back


                        • Jason Zachary
                          Jason Zachary  4 days back

                          When City Girls come to NYC Im there. I dont care about the price

                          • Margie rainwater
                            Margie rainwater  4 days back

                            That's my girl ❤️

                            • Nicole Donato
                              Nicole Donato  4 days back

                              My bitch home quit playing her, PERIODTT😜😌

                              • Eat With LaTaysha Ann
                                Eat With LaTaysha Ann  5 days back

                                We ain’t killing blessings just to please the public ❤️❤️

                                • angel yasmym
                                  angel yasmym  5 days back

                                  cadê os brasileiros???💥

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                                    • K W
                                      K W  6 days back

                                      Dis bih fiyah

                                      • Da’Kahre Langham
                                        Da’Kahre Langham  7 days back

                                        Period jt girl I have a shirt saying free JT

                                        • Menelek Jenkins
                                          Menelek Jenkins  1 weeks back

                                          this so bad she need to go back

                                          • John Cole
                                            John Cole  1 weeks back

                                            This bitch is trash just like ghostwriter lyric rapper Yung miami

                                            • Demetria Mills
                                              Demetria Mills  1 weeks back

                                              I love you JT !!!!

                                              • Kyle Fontenot
                                                Kyle Fontenot  1 weeks back

                                                Pull up by myself miss pearlie don’t need no army b*tch!!

                                                • astin Adams
                                                  astin Adams  1 weeks back

                                                  Shout out! JT Aka City Girls ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❣️

                                                  • Tiffany Tyler
                                                    Tiffany Tyler  1 weeks back

                                                    Please do a video to this song she certified#Detroit love

                                                    • Tiffany Tyler
                                                      Tiffany Tyler  1 weeks back

                                                      Damn she snapped on this song city girls deserve that crown flat the fuck out we rock wit yall in Detroit

                                                      • Mark Seville
                                                        Mark Seville  1 weeks back

                                                        Every female rapper sounds if not exactly the same they sound so similar. I cant tell the difference between any of them.

                                                        • samara
                                                          samara  4 days back

                                                          @Mark Seville *advice my nigga

                                                        • Jacob
                                                          Jacob  5 days back

                                                          @Mark Seville How old do you think I am?

                                                        • Mark Seville
                                                          Mark Seville  5 days back

                                                          @Jacob you're not old enough to be giving me advise.

                                                        • Jacob
                                                          Jacob  5 days back

                                                          You're hearing needs urgent testing

                                                      • Kabrina Kay
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                                                        • Shameka Moore
                                                          Shameka Moore  1 weeks back

                                                          I was in grades playing spades Miami making children 😍

                                                          • Đřxppý Jäëëë
                                                            Đřxppý Jäëëë  1 weeks back

                                                            [Verse: JT]
                                                            When I was countin' down, these bitches counted me out (Yeah)
                                                            Now I'm back, I got 'em shocked, these bitches droppin' they mouth (Mouth)
                                                            Lil' Runaway, my friend mama helped me out
                                                            I don't give a fuck about no bed, I'll sleep on the couch (Couch)
                                                            Now I'm up
                                                            But I can write a book about the rainy days (Facts)
                                                            I don't gotta throw shade to get a fanbase
                                                            I been a real bitch way before the fed case (Yeah)
                                                            Yung Miami held me down, that's a bitch ace (Period)
                                                            And if a bitch try her, it's a cold case
                                                            Get yo ass snatched up like my new waist (Yeah)
                                                            Pulled in and out of prison like a drive-thru
                                                            Audemars waitin' on me 'cause the time flew (Ice)
                                                            I went from boots to khakis to Louis tennis shoes
                                                            Sendin' prayers to my people sittin' in the SHU
                                                            The blogs, they made me mad, they made me motivated
                                                            Yeah, I left the chain gang, bitch, I graduated
                                                            Been the most important bitch, yeah, I'm celebrated (Yeah)
                                                            Lil' baldhead bitch, still the most hated (Most hated)
                                                            Bitch, I'm right on time for the season change (Yeah)
                                                            Y'all hoes real salty, bitch, it's seasons change (Yeah)
                                                            Might make my side nigga cop me a Range
                                                            And put it up for my bitch, she got the best brain
                                                            Pull up by myself, Miss Pearly don't need no army, bitch (Yeah)
                                                            I ain't got no love for these niggas, I ain't Ronnie, bitch
                                                            Embarrass a bitch on stage, I'm on some Maury shit
                                                            Any bitch in my way, you gon' be sorry, bitch
                                                            I wish I would let one of you hoes try me
                                                            I'll be back in khakis, blue shoes, walkin' through R&D
                                                            How y'all gon' end City Girls when y'all ain't half of me?
                                                            Don't play with Yung Miami, ho, that's the other half of me
                                                            Had the whole world waitin' on me like I'm a virgin
                                                            So it's time to pop this cherry (This cherry), get this pussy workin' (Ayy)
                                                            New Rolls Royce, in the back it was a Birkin
                                                            Now that City Girls shit, bitch, that's for certain (Period)
                                                            This really my first day out, I ain't wait a day
                                                            Ate that time up like it's cake, JT Anna Mae
                                                            Two bad bitches and they kissin' in the Wraith
                                                            Kissin'-kissin' in the Wraith
                                                            Kissin'-kissin' in the Wraith
                                                            Went in the same day Drake dropped "In My Feelings"
                                                            I was in prison on my bunk, really in my feelings (Facts)
                                                            Now I'm back to the millions, bitches in they feelings
                                                            I was in grays playing spades, Miami making children
                                                            But we ain't killin' blessings just to please the public (Nah)
                                                            So when y'all say, "City Girls over," just change the subject (How you know?)
                                                            Y'all hoes always bringing up old shit (Damn)
                                                            Go get a sugar daddy, suck a old dick (Get some old dick)
                                                            Bitches get exposed everyday
                                                            But I'm from Dade, I'ma do it anyway (I don't care)
                                                            If I wasn't who I was, they wouldn't fuck with me
                                                            But I am who I am, and y'all can't fuck with me (Yeah)
                                                            Went platinum on my bunk, sis can't come for me (What's up?)
                                                            Like a ten-minute move, you better run for me
                                                            I did my time like a G
                                                            Man, motherfuck the B-O-P (Man, fuck the B-O-P)
                                                            Man, motherfuck L-P (Fuck 'em)
                                                            I keep some fours that'll match your I.D
                                                            Y'all hoes want smoke, bring a match (Match, let's go)
                                                            Left prison with a pimple, not a scratch (Scratch)
                                                            Point, blank, period, won't see me back
                                                            Unless I'm pullin' up just to see Max (Ow)
                                                            Oh, and one more thing before I go
                                                            How y'all gon say a made bitch was pregnant from a C.O.?
                                                            I don't fuck with cops or blockers, you bitches slow
                                                            Stop with all the rumors, and tell your nigga I'm home
                                                            And it's on

                                                            • Marlene Lomba
                                                              Marlene Lomba  2 weeks back

                                                              I Ain’t got no love for niggas I ain’t Barney bitch 💯

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                                                                Okay go offfff

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                                                                  BOSS SHIT HERE!!✌️👅

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                                                                    JT home. That's whats up! Get back to the your paper shawty.

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                                                                        The advertisement before the video start ...... that nigga suck

                                                                        • Tyris Smith
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                                                                          JT FREE!!!!! ITS UP

                                                                          • Tamar Barriner
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                                                                            • A L A B R E M U S I C
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                                                                              #CITYGIRLS 🔥🔥


                                                                              • Waylon Drift
                                                                                Waylon Drift  2 weeks back

                                                                                I love your music none is as good as the citygirls period

                                                                                • Tara Perry
                                                                                  Tara Perry  2 weeks back

                                                                                  JT i miss you 😭

                                                                                  • James Williams
                                                                                    James Williams  2 weeks back

                                                                                    But I could write a book about the rainy days 💯

                                                                                    • Zay
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                                                                                      I know y'all getting Get Up 10 vibes😤

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                                                                                        Omg!!!... Yeeeessssssssssssss!

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                                                                                          Left prison with a pimple not a scratch Period

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